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Inertia (Αδράνεια) started as an art project during the second lockdown in November 2020 in Athens. 

The curator of this project, The Krank, returned back to Greece after spending seven years working as an artist & curator with Contemporary Art Noise, a creative team which organises art exhibitions, in Berlin. During the lockdown, every cultural space in Athens was inactive and by this, plenty artists too. Okupa, a new breed of urban spaces coming to life in Athens 2022, together with Contemporary Art Noise started working on this fresh project idea in order to activate artists from the local art scene. 

Due to the difficulties and after 2 months of preparation, Inertia (Αδράνεια) was formed and took place at Okupa's under construction building, a 2.000 square meters space in central Athens. Murals, site-specific installations, sculptures, paintings & performances from 25 contemporary and diverse artists created together a special momentum, an atmosphere where art transformed a so-far inactive urban space into a place of life, during an unprecedented period, emphasising that art stays alive under any circumstances. The exhibition presented online through this website and with a virtual visit video on Youtube.   

In December 2021, Contemporary Art Noise in collaboration with Art Hub Athens, a non-profit organisation, formed again Inertia (Αδράνεια) and with the financial support and under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture & Sports presented a new large group exhibition with 24 contemporary artists at the historical building of "Μπάγκειον" in Omonoia, attracting more than 1.000 visitors in four days. 

curator's statement

The term inertia, in physics, refers to the ability of bodies to resist any change of their kinetic state. The denial to adapt to a new situation characterizes all bodies.

Inaction penetrates the era and its totality, creating an extensive crack in the already dysfunctional system, which in turn is reflected in the state of mind of the whole. The most inactive functions of society, including that of culture, form the image of a new reality, characterized by total enslavement of both art and artists. The creator, through one’s work, for the sake of one’s way of thinking, feeling, and empathy, their will, and ingenuity, designs, imagines and dares to create new realities, which are then transformed into the necessary details for a creative internal conflict of society with her past and at the same time, details that are vital to the individual in the present. A silent world, without artists and a trace of meaning, unfolds in front of us, as the artistic spectrum is being fought, deprived, and disoriented. This turn redefines the artist and his role in society. A society is considered sustainable only when it manages to exist for many generations, while focused on the big picture staying flexible and self-corrective.

artists involved

Anastasia Papaleonida

Anastasia-Eirini Ntioudi

Angelos Akrida

Ania Pais

Athina Kanellopoulou

Blaqk (Simek & Greg Papagrigoriou)

Christos Kapenis

Danai Kotsaki

Don Forty

Eleni Zervou

Eliza Krikoni

Giannis Andritsopoulos

Iakovos Volkov

Ioannis Augoustis

Jola 818

Lydia Dimitriadi

Lydia Miligkou

Maria Varela

Mariana Bisti

Marilena Kranioti

Markela Michalitsianou



P1mp Kardashian

Panagiotis Vasileiou

Robert Seikon


Tarta Ross

The Krank

Timothy Laskaratos

Vassiliki Koukou

Yiannis Pappas